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Stechschulte Gas & Oil
Company, Inc.

Welcome to Stechschulte Gas & Oil Company, Inc. We are a locally owned family business serving the mid Michigan area since June of 1960. Stechschulte Gas & Oil is a petroleum marketer selling Citgo branded fuels to farm, commercial, industrial, resellers, and end users. We continue to supply fuel oil to home heating customers. We currently handle gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, K-1 kerosene and racing gasoline. Our diesel fuel mix includes undyed low-sulfer diesel and dyed hi-sulfer diesel and #2 fuel oil.

We also sell lubricants and handle the quality 76 brand. Our lubricant selection includes engine oils, hydraulics, gear lubes, greases and other lubricant products including some synthetics. Antifreeze, washer solvent and menthanol are kept in stock. Products are available in bulk, drums, pails and cases. Our lube division also features a new product called Miraclean. It is a biodegradable cleaner/degreaser.

Our commercial fueling Pacific Pride has two convenient locations to serve you. We are located at 918 E. Exchange Street in Owosso (on the corner of Main and Gould Streets.) And you can visit our Corunna location at 101 N. Shiawassee street in downtown Corunna. The commercial fueling stations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year for customers with Pacific Pride fueling cards. Bi-monthly billings and cash discounts are offered.

In 1978, we opened D & D Truck and Trailer Parts store. In this store, which is located behind our Corunna Town Tub, we offer a complete line of Baldwin filters in addition to Webb brake drums, Grote lights, Dynoflex exhaust, Gates rubber products, and Clark Brothers instruments. We also carry many other heavy-duty, after market parts.